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"Ok Deathcore, you can stop now. With 'Imperialist' the genre has reached its peak, and can go no further"

"Like a pissed off beast in season, the Imperialist EP from US metallers Cries Of The Captive is a raw and hostile slab of primal malevolence which only leaves appetite and ears wanting more of its exacting ferocity. It is a swamp of fury, an oppression of deathcore which from start to finish is rigorously compelling."

 -RingMaster Review
-Metal Rules

"Imperialist is a brilliant effort made by fans of deathcore for fans of deathcore."

-Metal As Fuck
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Defying the Decay CD Release -Bangkok Thailand

Traitors (Sleep Disorder Tour)-Ogden Utah

Cries of the Captive has played shows locally and internationally. Bangkok Thailand was the most recent stop for Cries of the Captive with a turnout of over 1,500 people Cries of the Captive brought their aggressive hard hitting music to an international level with great reception.

Shows and Touring

"The band played well even without a bassist, everything was tight and loud! With the powerful vocals and extremely heavy breakdowns if this band were from Thailand, they would be famous throughout the Thai Deathcore Scene."

-Guitar Mag (Thailand)


Founded in 2011 Cries of the Captive signed by Imminence Records is a crushing and violent Deathcore band based out of Ogden Utah. Despite facing various lineup changes throughout the years, Cries of the Captive has stuck to their deep roots taking elements from the greatest and heaviest Deathcore acts which has helped them build a large following in their hometown. Ogden however is just the beginning for Cries of the Captive, as they have played shows in various places throughout the world such as Bangkok Thailand; with large acts in the metal scene such as Lorna Shore, I Declare War, and Atilla. Although they had a rocky beginning Cries of the Captive has created a name for themselves and are quickly becoming a key player in the progression of Deathcore with slow powerful breakdowns, and fast thrashing riffs.



General Manager: cotcofficial@gmail.com
Booking: Jordan Huemiller cotcofficial@gmail.com (801)-391-8909
Press Contact: cotcofficial@gmail.com
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